One thought on “Vizio Customer Service Number, Toll Free Helpline, Support Contact Details

  1. Lawrence E Ermer

    I just had a conversation with one of your support agents (Case ID# 17671352} and completely disappointed and dissatisfied with Visio.
    I currently have three Visio TVs (E500i-A1, E40-C2, & E241-A1) and was informed that none of these TVs can have the YouTube TV application installed. When I queried the technician as to why the application cannot be downloaded with one of your updates, I was told that the developer have decided to only support the application on your newest TVs.
    My degree is in Computer Science and while I worked for HP, Tandem Computers, and Siemens Telecom this sort of decision was never made within any development organization. I suspect this is a management decision made to drive sales of new TVs. Did management consider the installed base?
    I have been a loyal repetitive customer of Visio and the past, but this decision has made me decide to never purchase additional products from Visio. If you change your policy on this feature in the future, please inform me of the change.
    Lawrence Ermer
    (954) 295-0439


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