Mark Zuckerberg Wiki Biography, Phone Number, Contact Address, Email

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Mark Zuckerberg Phone Number, Contact Address, Email

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Cell Phone Number : 650-543-4800

Email Address : n/a

Mark Zuckerberg Contact House Address

Contact House Address : 1601 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Mark Zuckerberg Wiki Biography | Full Bio Data Details

Mark Zuckerberg was born on 14th May, 1984 in an American family. His real name is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. He is an Internet entrepreneur and computer programmer who brought revolution in social media website world.

He is famously known as founder and CEO of the most largest and popularly used social networking website that is Facebook. His net worth is estimated around $34.2 billion. Zuckerberg has been chosen by many organization as most successful and youngest billionare in the whole world ranking.

He and his website Facebook grew so rapidly that a movie was made  “The Social Network”  which is represented the wild and wide growth of Facebook. Jesse Eisenberg played responsibility the role as CEO and founder of Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg.

He discovered the Facebook social website with his room mates during college days in Harvard’s residence rooms. His room mates who were involve with him in this project are Chris Hughes, Andrew Mccollum, Eduardo Saverin and Dustin Moskovitz. This project was made for connecting with campus friends during college days but fortunately Facebook project concept got spread across different part of nation and kept on spreading further from Palo Alto, California to globally.

Suddenly the day came when Mr. Zuckerberg declared rich at very short age that is in 2007, at 23 years old only. Facebook users kept on going rapidly and Zuckerberg kept on becoming billionare day by day. In 2012, it was stated by some source that his net worth was around 1 billion in year 2012.

After many successful debates Time magazine declared Zuckerberg among the top 100 lists of most wealthiest and inspirational individuals of the planet earth.

Currently the Facebook company has been popularly established successfully in 25 different countries and the social site is available and claimed there services in other more 70 languages.
On May 19, 2012, Mark Zuckerberg married with his college time girl friend Priscilla Chan.

They use to date each other from there college years only. He gave complete surprise to guest by marrying her as they came with thought of attending a medical school graduation party for going to be wife Chan. Now the couple have daughter name Max and all our blessed with great fortune.

Mark Zuckerberg Media Social Profiles

Facebook Official Page–

Twitter Official Account- n/a

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